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Pike County, KY

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Our Mission

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HBT Mission

Hillbilly Trails mission is to be the capitol of Adventure Tourism east of the Mississippi River, offering scenic, rugged, mountainous trails where adults can ride at day or night and enjoy spectacular views of the Appalachian and Pine Mountain ranges.​

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Future Plans,  Economic Impact

Revenue generated by Hillbilly Trails will offset budgetary needs for the fiscal court, meaning no new taxes for Pike County, Ky residents. 

Millions of Dollars in tax relief

When fully realized, Pike County's Hillbilly Trail's motorized trail system will offer locals and visitors unique riding experiences, such as night riding in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. 

Unique Outdoor Adventure opportunities

More tourism means more opportunities for Pike County, Ky citizens to open sustainable businesses, tourist attractions and other endeavors. 

Business Opportunities for Pike Countians

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