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Permits available now

Where Can I Purchase? 

Kentucky Residents

Local Retailers

Non-Resident (Out of State)

Local Retailers or Online


*Online permits for out of state residents only.

Kentucky residents must purchase at a local retailer.

Out of State Residents can shop at a local retailer too!

Permit pricing

Pike County Resident

(Resident of Pike County, KY)

$10 per vehicle including all passengers.


KY Resident

(All KY counties except Pike)

$25 per adult.

Youth (Age 15 or under)



(Out of State)

$50 per adult.

50% off with Military ID_edited.png
All permits are annual. 

Annual permits expire on the last day of the month you purchased them in, one year later.

Example: If you purchased your permit on March 4, 2023 your permit will expire March 31,2024

Permit Sample

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 7.42.48 PM.png
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